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Presentation Brother's College SCHOOL SONG

While boyhood's fire is in my blood

I'll love my school and schoolwork

I'll cause this love my soul to flood;

�T will be my Faith's strong bulwark.

And now I pray I'll always see

Our College ever thriving;

Grenada 's faithful sons are we

To serve it always striving.


Grenada 's boys are we;

It's leaders yet we'll be.

Grenada 's faithful sons are we,

And its leaders we must be.

And from this time through joy and woe

Where e're my footsteps take me,

My love for truth will always grow,

Though all my friends forsake me;

My boyhood dreams I'll realize;

To fight I'm ever ready

In order to ensure the prize,

Or keep my life's boat steady.


And as I grow from boy to man

My school days will inspire me,

To know that God gave life its plan,

while love for truth will fire me.

Grenada 's homes and shores must be

As beacon-lights forever

Reflecting lives livered righteously;

Our aim and sole endeavor


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